COVID-19 A Message from GOHBA

Good morning,

Following yesterday’s announcement that the provincial government has ordered a two-week shutdown of all non-essential businesses, it has been confirmed that construction is on the list of essential workplaces:

26. Construction projects and services associated with the healthcare sector, including new facilities, expansions, renovations and conversion of spaces that could be repurposed for health care space;
27. Construction projects and services required to ensure safe and reliable operations of critical provincial infrastructure, including transit, transportation, energy and justice sectors beyond the day-to-day maintenance;
28. Construction work and services, including demolition services, in the industrial, commercial, institutional and residential sectors;
29. Construction work and services that supports health and safety environmental rehabilitation projects

OHBA expects that the Ministry of Labour will now engage with the industry to enforce formal jobsite protocols to protect against transmission of COVID-19.

OHBA is going to issue the following statement at 10:00 am affirming industry’s commitment to health and safety during the COVID-19 state of emergency, of which GOHBA and most HBAs across the province will be signatories:

The Residential Construction Industry across Ontario recognizes that we have an important role in curbing the spread of COVID-19.

During Ontario’s State of Emergency it is important that we do our part to protect workers, contractors, suppliers, our customers and their families from the spread of COVID-19 by adhering to Ontario Public Health rules and enhancing the health and safety conditions on our active jobsites.

Ontario workers continue to have the right to refuse unsafe worksites and should report these conditions to the appropriate authorities. 

During Ontario’s State of Emergency we have thousands of homes to deliver to awaiting families, whose future well-being is tied to the homes we are building, and we need to serve them in a safe and orderly way.

These are unprecedented times and the Residential Construction Industry is committed to doing our part to keep people safe during Ontario’s COVID-19 State of Emergency.

We are all in the together. #OntarioSpirit