The Use of 45 Degree Railing Posts on Custom Decks

I have a very unique deck that has
a 45 degree angle, what are my

45 Degree-angled deck designs can be a
beautiful addition to your home, but how will
these custom designs affect the railing?
Luckily the HomeRail system has incorporated
posts which account for this design. They are
used in the following fashion:

  1. The top and bottom rail are slid into
    the custom 45 hole in the corner of the
  2.  A bracket is added to the side of the
    post where the continuation of the
    railing will follow

I have a 45 degree angle deck and I
would like a 36” high railing, will
this 45 degree post still work?

Unfortunately the one limitation to the 45
degree post is the 36” height. Since the posts
are cut down to the custom height, the corner
hole is lost. We recommend choosing the 42”
height, as the only option for the 36” height is
to put 2 posts next to each other at the

I have a 45 degree angle right at
the top of the stairs, does the 45
degree post work?

Yes. For the HomeRail system, the stair railing
is attached to the blank side of the 45 degree
post. This allows for the easy continuation of
the railing from the stairs.

I have chosen topless glass for my
rail system and I have a 45 degree
angled deck, how will this work?

For this situation, our installers are able to
modify the glass brackets to accommodate the
shape of the post or pillar. The glass bracket is
cut at a 45 degree angle, and bracketed
directly to the post or pillar with lag bolts.

The angle of my deck is not quite
45 degrees, will the post still

The majority of angled deck designs will
exclusively use an angle of 45 degrees,
however there is a small variability during
construction. The railing system is adaptable
to angle changes of roughly +/- 5 degrees. If the
angle is not within this range, 2 posts will be
required to complete the corner.

I have a rounded edge deck, what
type of railing is best?

Rounded edge decks are quite unique. As the
HomeRail system rails are not available in
curved designs, the best option in this case is
to install a topless glass railing. The glass
brackets can be modified to be at a custom
angle to accommodate the curvature of the
edge. The standard picket and glass systems
are possible with the 45 degree posts, however
the system may appear non-rounded.