Tax Credit for Stair Railings

Tax Credit for Stair Railings Are you over the age of 65? Do you need a railing for your stairs? You may qualify for a tax credit which covers the cost of your railing. Find out more:

COVID-19 ; A Message from GOHBA

COVID-19 A Message from GOHBA Good morning, Following yesterday’s announcement that the provincial government has ordered a two-week shutdown of all non-essential businesses, it has been confirmed that construction is on the list of essential workplaces: Construction26. Construction projects and services associated with the healthcare sector, including new facilities, expansions, renovations and conversion of spaces […]

5 Factors to Consider in Finding Railing Contractors

It can be tempting to install railing yourself, or shop around for the most cheaply-priced railing. This may not be the best option in the long run, so Ottawa Deck and Rail has five simple tips on how to find the railing contractor that is the best fit for you.

How Home Railing Makes You Money on Investment Property

Now I’m not going to tell you all the things you need to look for when buying real estate. That would take far too long, and “Rich Dad” can do all that for me. However, I find it interesting how home railing can be an integral part of making your apartments or condos ready for the market.

Easy Railing Installation Saves Time and Money

Whether you’re doing a self-installation, or paying someone to install your railing, there are three main factors that could save hours on the job, putting more money in your wallet!

6 Common Mistakes When Installing a Deck (And how to avoid them)

Having a deck increases attractiveness, design versatility, value of home, and adds an additional outdoor living space. Many people simply install their decks and run into problems later because they haven’t asked themselves these important questions first: